GreenRoomS NYE Party

This year’s party got a little out of hand. Everyone decided to drop by. It was definitely a night to remember. Good music, GOOD TIMES  … These are the Good Times … Sorry I got carried away singing. Well as always the private party is held for all of our collaborators and helpers and friends. Models, MUAs, HMUAs, friends and family. Somehow even my dog was present at the party. Anyway we usually have pictures of the event but for some reason (the nightlife took them) we lost the majority of the pictures. The only thing that remains are some pictures we took at the backdrop that we decorate and are so proud of each year. There are some real fun moments captured in these pictures. Definitely some of my favorite images from our events. The backdrop is as spontaneous as always. Some people chose to pose. Others chose to do there thing. But everyone loosened up as the night partied on. Things got a little crazy by the end but nothing too out of control. Anyway hope you have a wonderful year and thank you for choosing GreenRoomS.

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