Peninsula Longboard and Film Festival 2019

My friend Jose Andres decided to bring back the roots of surfing here in my hometown. So inspired by other contest like the Vans Duct Tape and the MexilogFest in Mexico, he hosted the 2nd annual Peninsula Longboard and Film Festival at 3Ms in Ensenada. It’s more about the gathering and comradery between friends than about competing. Also, it’s a Logs only event. Only classical old school old soul surfing is to be done at this festival and as the announcer said, ” We wanna see nice trimming, style, Hang 5s and 10s. None of that Taylor Jensen High-Performance stuff.” Also leashes aren’t allowed.

All people of all ages are welcome to enjoy the event as competitors or spectators and being both is more than welcome. It was sure fun to see everyone out there and meet new people. They came from all over. Mexico, California, Hawaii. Good waves and good times were had that day.

This festival is in it’s 2nd year now and keeps getting better and better. See you Next Year …..

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