Maui (Day 1)

Went on a trip to Maui. Stayed in Ka’anapali Beach. My motive for going to one of the most beautiful places on earth was none other than my dear sister’s wedding. Spent 4 days on the Island enjoying the sun, the surf, and of course the wedding. These pictures are from my first day on the island. Starting with my arrival, then off to a brisk walk on Ka’anapali Beach, and on to a stretch of beach with a couple of surf spots. To the left is a spot called Osterizers and to the right was called Rainbows. Both had near perfect if not perfect 6 to 8 foot waves breaking. It was quite a chore to just mind-surf them and just watch but I finally got to surf on my second day there. I love people watching, I love the beach, and I love to surf. Maui had all 3. Enjoy and stay tuned for day 2 on the beautiful island of Maui.


Una bella tarde entre amigas ….

- And so the day ended … 

As they watched the sun go down they
couldn’t help but think of all the great moments they had spent
together. -

- Being the end of day and the dawn of night there wasn’t much
left to do but sit there and smile … -

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