Peninsula Longboard and Film Festival 2019

My friend Jose Andres decided to bring back the roots of surfing here in my hometown. So inspired by other contest like the Vans Duct Tape and the MexilogFest in Mexico, he hosted the 2nd annual Peninsula Longboard and Film Festival at 3Ms in Ensenada. It’s more about the gathering and comradery between friends than about competing. Also, it’s a Logs only event. Only classical old school old soul surfing is to be done at this festival and as the announcer said, ” We wanna see nice trimming, style, Hang 5s and 10s. None of that Taylor Jensen High-Performance stuff.” Also leashes aren’t allowed.

All people of all ages are welcome to enjoy the event as competitors or spectators and being both is more than welcome. It was sure fun to see everyone out there and meet new people. They came from all over. Mexico, California, Hawaii. Good waves and good times were had that day.

This festival is in it’s 2nd year now and keeps getting better and better. See you Next Year …..

GreenRoomS NYE Party

This year’s party got a little out of hand. Everyone decided to drop by. It was definitely a night to remember. Good music, GOOD TIMES  … These are the Good Times … Sorry I got carried away singing. Well as always the private party is held for all of our collaborators and helpers and friends. Models, MUAs, HMUAs, friends and family. Somehow even my dog was present at the party. Anyway we usually have pictures of the event but for some reason (the nightlife took them) we lost the majority of the pictures. The only thing that remains are some pictures we took at the backdrop that we decorate and are so proud of each year. There are some real fun moments captured in these pictures. Definitely some of my favorite images from our events. The backdrop is as spontaneous as always. Some people chose to pose. Others chose to do there thing. But everyone loosened up as the night partied on. Things got a little crazy by the end but nothing too out of control. Anyway hope you have a wonderful year and thank you for choosing GreenRoomS.


Had a nice afternoon shooting a natural light session. My friend had a couple outfits that were more suited for a lookbook-style shoot to me. So we decided to set up the backdrop and take some more pictures. 

It was at the time a little different from what I was shooting. I love shooting in the studio. It allows me to slow down and shoot something a little bit more personal even if it was more of a fashion look.

SubUrban Girls : Marina

I have a friend who lends me clothes from her store (Bike Trip). Saw this blue dress and was undecided where I would shoot it. I decided to try something different from what I usually do (shy away from my love of plants and neighbourhoods) and headed to my town’s boardwalk. The sun was going down so it gave us this perfect lighting and there was just enough amount of people to be able to work comfortably. (Hahah) Found some cool spots to shoot and was certainly a good choice to change it up every once in a while.

Model : Marina

Dress : Bike Trip

SubUrban Girls : Mare Lidell

I’m in love with the night. I thought it would be perfect to cruise around town and find the last remnants of neon. The very soul of our town is visually gone but there are still a few reminders of it’s past lying around. Motels are just beautiful to me. The fact that they are temporary homes for people. The way you trust them to care for you through the night. I may never find out the stories that hide behind their walls but I can try. The interesting thing for me is just the different kinds of people that come in an out of these places and the stories they live in them. Some may be exciting. Some bland. Others maybe just lasted a couple of hours. Anyway enjoy this series of pictures. Enjoy a part of the visual soul of the town.

Model : Mare Lidell

Location : Ensenada, BC MX

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