People Watching @ ZOEasis Coachella 2016

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman. Seeing as how festival season is upon us I have decided to post this series of pictures that came from a crazy last minute trip I took with my sister to Coachella last year . 

She needed someone to accompany her to the festival parties and shoot some shots for her blog (FrankVinyl). I usually shoot with my Nikon but on this trip I had the opportunity to shoot with my sister’s Canon 5D Mk III. Anyway we got there on friday and our first stop was the Amuse Society party (link to previous blog post). Then we headed on forth to shoot some photos for her blog and on to our campsite in Desert Springs to call it a night. We woke up on Saturday ready to hit the next partay. We woke up early to shoot some shots in the morning desert sun and hit the King’s Highway at the Ace in Palm Springs for some breakfast before the event. (Link to our morning adventure) My sister told me in blogger-talk that this party was one of the bigger ones and was a place to be. She told me it was a party collab between the Zoe Report and Guess clothing Brand. I was stoked hoping to spend the day mingling, drinking a mimosa, and people-watching in an environment that definitely felt a little strange to me.

So you basically have to sign up for these parties before hand and there’s a list bla bla bla. Anyway we got to the spot where we were gonna be escorted by bus to the party. The secrecy was maybe a little ridiculous but I understand the need to keep it out of the public eye. You technically could walk there but it was a ways walk and we decided to get some VIP treatment. We signed in and they gave us these special wrist-bands, secured them around our wrists (obviously !!!), and off we went.

I really didn’t know what to expect. My sister was definitely more nonchalant about it. Having been used to the parties and PR that goes hand in hand with the blogger lifestyle. Anyway we arrived and the first thing that appeared before me was a courtyard that had a long line of people waiting for something. As I got closer I noticed people where schwagging shoes by the brand Superga. You would paint them and put them in a paint-a-whirl machine to add to the finishing touches. Then waited a couple minutes for them to dry and they were ready to wear. Next to that was a braid bar hosted by Batiste.

While in line, waiting to paint my Supergas, I find out from a guy that this was just merely the reception per say. The real party was further on down the line and apparently there was some pretty nice schwag. At least that was the part of the convo that really caught my ear. I remember he said they were giving out sunglasses and shorts and a bag. I said to myself, “that sounds nice.” I like party favors. I sincerely thought the schwag was gonna be some cheap shorts and maybe some 2 dollar sunnies from 7 eleven. (Excuse my mortal innocence for not knowing about the seriousness and “ridiculousness” of these sort of events.)

So I walk a ways away leaving my sister behind. She was sitting getting her hair done (free at the braid bar), and I enter the main event. Off to my right was a huge brown caravan style tent. To my left was the bar and a reception where they gave you a bag filled with beauty products and miscellaneous items like a cellphone charger and a complementary gift card. There was a DJ Booth and a private VIP area which I think had a pool. It was hidden behind the bar and I definitely wasn’t in a get kicked-out trying to meet celebs mood. Plus I’m generally not star-struck when I see them, seeing as how my parents have a couple a famous friends, so there was no worries about me not behaving at the party. My sister was on the look-out for Rachel Zoe,  who I not being a blogger knew nothing about. There are definitely more famous people out there than we know about. They just aren’t so much in the public limelight.

Anyway … While I made my way to the Guess DIY denim bar, which was what was going on under the big tent, the man I met outside asked if I could take a picture of him with this blonde woman. I was all for it not noticing his excitement. I mean for me selfies and taking pictures is just a natural occurence. (On a side note … Hours later my sister says, “I can’t find Rachel Zoe. I really wanted to meet her.” I asked what she looked like and she shows me a picture and I said, ” Oh yeah I took a selfie for some guy with her. I had know idea that was her. She looked like his friend.” She just stared at me with a face of repulsion because of my nonchalant attitude.) This story is getting kinda long.

My adventure continues with me going over to get a bag from the Zoe Report and make my way towards the denim bar. In there, people were left and right grabbin’ jean shorts and costumizing them with these awesome patches that were sprawled out over the table. Not one was left by the end of the day. I decided to grab a couple for some of my girl-friends back home seeing as how I never ran into any article of men’s clothing at the party, I grabbed some patches, and went on my way. 

I was literally surrounded by people. Quite beautiful and extravagant people all around me. I definitely felt a litte weird seeing as how I was all Coachella Normcored out. (A trucker hat, blue jeans, nikes, and a pineapple print shirt. My sister said it would do so I could blend in.) It was fun honestly that I could just walk around and take pictures and people-watch without being asked who I was or what I was doing. I just love candid shots of human life and this place was so full of color that it just wasn’t possible for me to not take a shot and plus, who was gonna take pictures of my sister at the event. 

When my sister finally found me, “well embarrasing as it may be”, I was standing with a bag full of things. Shorts, Guess schwag, that season’s sunglasses, and a cactus hahahah. The look on her face was priceless. I was just like let’s run and get this to the car. Hahah. I mean I don’t know if there was a limit. Definitely didn’t take the whole store but in all fairness the bag wasn’t that big and all I saw was people grabbing left and right so I just went with it. 

The event was fun. Bloggers where everywhere trying to get the perfect shot. They were either using there IPhones and taking selfies or had a photograher with them. I also got to meet and see some very interesting people. There was a definite combination of diferrent fashion styles. Everything from your staple coachella look to a more extravagant attire. It definitely suited the vibe. I love how everyone was just so natural. Their attire definitely went with their personality. No one felt out of place to me.

I spent the rest of the party just people watching and enjoying a mimosa under the warm desert sun. In total I was there for about 5 hours and definitely enjoyed the experience. I feel like there is more to explain but maybe I’ll let the photos tell you the rest. That’s what you are here for. To see pictures, not hear me rant about a party.  I hope you enjoy my photos. Festival season is among us. So see you there. Who knows what I’ll witness this year.

A Happy Birthday

Some pictures snapped way back in 2016 during my sister’s birthday. Just a private little get-together with me and her hubbs. I really enjoy the raw nature of these photos. To me there is nothing more interesting than a spontaneous moment captured on film. Someone letting you capture them in the moment, in their moment, letting there guard down and giving you the chance to capture a moment of their lives is priceless to me. 

These were shot on a Canon 5D Mk3 but edited to look like it was shot on Fuji Instax Wide Film. I was interested in capturing and giving off the spontaneous candid shot vibe.

Desert Daze …. (Day 2)

Second day of my trip last year to Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. We basically woke up early. Me and my sister went to take some shots before the morning desert-lighting died. These pictures were taken in Desert Springs on our way to Palm Springs. We were headed to a party hosted by Guess in colaboration with the Zoe Report. More on that later. We made a stop to eat something on the way at the King’s Highway and explored the famous Ace hotel in Palm Springs. Nothing like some good food and moping around taking pictures. Hahah.

Visit … Frank Vinyl to see my sister’s blog 

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