Desert Daze …. (Day 1)

So I get a call from my lovely sister Francesca Felix (FrankVinyl for all you bloggers out there) saying she wants to go to Coachella. Quickly thought of my expenses, the bands that I was willing to sacrifice my money for and eat rice for weeks, and the fact that I hadn’t been to Coachella in a couple years. She tells me she had gotten invited to various parties and needed me as her shooter to document her festival travels. But then reality hit and I knew that I wasn’t gonna have enough money to go and still survive life. So sadly I said I can’t make it and well not making the story too long there was a slight push and pull of banter for me to go and why. Hahah. So finally I hang up and go about my day. A week later she calls me up and says, “Hey so can you make it, if we only go to the events and not go to the festival?” And I thought to myself that a little Sister Bro time would be nice since we don’t seem to get much of it in.

I asked her what the plan was and it was basically your standard Coachella plan. Make it there, go into survival mode, and see what happens. At least it was for me. I did kinda feel down for not seeing the bands but I was gonna experience the other side of the festival. All that goes on in the sidelines. The festival events, parties, the extravagant fashion surrounding it all, and all the bloggers left and right striving to get that one festival shot to go viral. 

I Basically raced down from my house across the border to San Diego and off we went to the Coachella Valley but not before grabbing some In and Out. Yuuummm. Anyways our first stop was a party in Palm Springs for a clothing brand named Amuse Society. There I go a little fearful (feeling small in this world of blogging extravaganza) hahah with a blue Pineapple shirt that my sister said would help me blend into the party better. The whole idea apparently is to show up, mingle, take some pictures and do some networking. From there we went off to do some shoots for various brands of clothes my sister had to represent. It was crazy because there were bloggers everywhere doing street style shots. On cars, in the desert, in the distance on a hill hahahaha, in the middle of the street. You name it. 

While we were shooting I had the opportunity to shoot the lovely ladies of Secrets Des Soeurs . You should check out these lovely ladies’ blog. They effortlessly modeled for a couple shots amidst the desert wind and sun making it look like just anyone could have fun. From there me and my sister went to a place that’s famous for having a volkswagen that looks like a giant spider. Surely it would be a site to see. Not so much but still intriguing to my photographic eye. After that it was off to Desert Springs to camp out and get ready for more blogger madness in the morning. I know I could be a bit more descriptive of some things but it’s early and I’m just gonna let you feel the vibe through my pictures. Plus I feel it would ruin the allure of this lovely desert town. 

So anyway enough talk I know you want to see the pictures.  Enjoy. And stay tuned for more …

Maui (Day 1)

Went on a trip to Maui. Stayed in Ka’anapali Beach. My motive for going to one of the most beautiful places on earth was none other than my dear sister’s wedding. Spent 4 days on the Island enjoying the sun, the surf, and of course the wedding. These pictures are from my first day on the island. Starting with my arrival, then off to a brisk walk on Ka’anapali Beach, and on to a stretch of beach with a couple of surf spots. To the left is a spot called Osterizers and to the right was called Rainbows. Both had near perfect if not perfect 6 to 8 foot waves breaking. It was quite a chore to just mind-surf them and just watch but I finally got to surf on my second day there. I love people watching, I love the beach, and I love to surf. Maui had all 3. Enjoy and stay tuned for day 2 on the beautiful island of Maui.

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