Concrete Dreams :. Val

Went for a morning skate with Val Laforge. I woke up to my car broken into and having all my camera gear stolen so I decided that I would shoot this analog. Decided to go with my trusty Mamiya C330 and some Portra 400 and Ilford Delta 400 as well. I liked the thought of some black and white portraits for the early morning. Pre-visualizing the textures of the concrete bowl again the speed and flow of Val. And then shot some color to highlight the morning shine. We met up at the new Skatepark in Playa Hermosa, Ensenada. It was recently built and who better to skate it than Val. I had never shot skateboarding with a manual focus camera so it was quit a slower process and shout out to Val for being patient with me till I got the shot. 

Suburban Girls :. Amor de Jardin

Me gusta pensar que sigues ahí regando tus plantas. Disfrutando de sus aromas y colores. Que caminas con por tu jardín feliz y plena. Viendo como jugamos. Como seguimos riéndonos. Observando el baile diario de las abejas y como las flores las saludan con los pétalos abiertos. Ahí sigues regando tus plantas y sonriendo. Regando y sonriendo.

Afternoon Nostalgia :.

She walked around wondering what was so wonderful about this place. Having faint memories of being there before when she was a child. She gazed at the rides as though they were monoliths. Questioning their very purpose but eager to be a part of them. The lights and screams of the children engulfed her surroundings. She wandered until she decided to let go and become one with the lights and the screams. Become a part of them and their freedom. She let go, smiled, and become one with them. 

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